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Video Of Medicine

A health warning for your pet!

It is important to pay attention to your pets because their behavior may reveal a health issue which if not treated early can end up costing them their life. If you notice that your dog or cat is in a…

What this gynecologist does with his hands is amazing!

In the final weeks of pregnancy, the fetus spontaneously positions itself in the womb with its head down, however, in some cases, the baby does not want to turn around. When this happens, gynecologists…

This reaction to a prayer come true is ... wonderful!

Bailey Miller had lived through the experience of being paralyzed for eleven days as a result of an accident and luckily, the damage was not irreversible.  In fact, it was thanks to a physiotherapy program…

A man sings and plays the guitar during brain surgery!

He is 33 years old, hails from Brazil and his name is Anthony Dias Kulkamp, the man, who when required to remain conscious during brain surgery sang "Yesterday" by the Beatles while accompanying himself…

A device gives Parkinson's patients the "lift" they need!

Tremor is one of the most debilitating aspects of Parkinson's disease. The sufferer is forced to abandon almost all daily activities, even though they are mentally capable of performing them.  Even eating…

Discover a wheelchair that facilitates FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT!

Giving paralyzed people the ability to walk again is still a mirage, even if the scientific community is making great strides forward. However, improving the lives of people confined to a wheelchair is…

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