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Video Homeless

A girl passes right by a homeless woman --- but does not realize who she really is!

The number of homeless people has increased dramatically in recent years, but the most alarming situation is the fact that fewer and fewer people are concerned about them or even interested in them. The…

A little girl fills a bag with basic necessities: what she is going to do is admirable!

Everyone says, that at Christmas we are all a bit more kind-hearted, generous and more inclined to take care of the needs of others, but what can we specifically do for them? Often we do not realize that…

A man notices a homeless man on the subway ... The way he decides to help him is touching

A homeless man enters the subway shirtless, with only a pair of trousers. He seems disoriented and confused, but from a multitude of indifferent people, a man gets up and walks towards him: wearing a…

Treated badly by passers-by, this homeless man makes a gesture that will amaze you all

In this experiment a fake homelessness kid is placed next to an adult who is begging for food, to study the different reactions of people. As expected, all are more inclined to make a gesture of charity…

A man rips up the sign of a homeless guy, but what he's about to do, will make him smile!

The YouTuber Rob Anderson shows us one of his tricks by taking as object a homless man's sign. At first he rips it up, but soon he'll give him a lovely surprise. It would be nice if create money...was…

Cristiano Ronaldo plays with a ball dressed as a homeless ... The reaction of the people is amazing !

The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ended up on all the news thanks to a nice prank in the streets of Madrid. After dressing up to look like a homeless person, he pretended to be one of those…

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