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14 good reasons why those who move to Canada never come back!

The harsh winters may not make it the one hundred percent favorite destination but among the countries to which a lot of people attempt to immigrate, Canada certainly occupies an important position.…

It's lunchtime for Japanese students: what they are taught to do is amazing!

Every day, all human beings eat, sleep, and talk to each other. But if you think that each of these actions is done in the same way around the world, you are wrong. There are so many different cultures…

9 gestures that reveal if there is a gentleman by your side

Although today we tend to think that the gestures and forms of even common courtesy are progressively disappearing, some men still remember not to take for granted those small gestures that can make the…

The hearse of their beloved teacher arrives: the greeting of these boys is totally unexpected !

For nearly 30 years, Dawson Tamatea served in a boys school in New Zealand as a teacher of physical education and mathematics. When he passed away, the school closed to give the opportunity to the students…

An ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood for one 100 years!

"Shou sugi ban" is a Japanese technique to which natural wood is subjected to obtain a finish that is aesthetically striking, beautiful, and unique which can last up to 100 years!  The surface of…

Friends carry the coffin as in a normal funeral, but the way they do it is UNEXPECTED!

This video was filmed in Ghana, West Africa, during the funeral of a woman. As you can seen from the atmosphere, in this culture, the moment of "transition" is celebrated as a homecoming, and in true…

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