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Video About Psychology

With This Test, Psychologists Can Understand If You Are A Genius Or Schizophrenic With Only Two Questions!

Identifying cases of schizophrenia is a very thorny matter even for the best psychologists. This is because it is a disorder that can be masked or confused with so many other pathologies. A tool used…

Choose Two Individuals In This Picture ... And Find Out More About Your State Of Mind!

If you want to know more about your personality or just think about your behavior, optic-psychological tests are a nice way to do it.  What we propose today was a test created by British psychologist…

The First Animal You See In The Image Reveals Something About Your Personality ...

Most people love optical illusion games combined with psychological games because they stimulate our imagination and our powers of observation while at the same time making us reflect on some aspects…

What Do Your Fears Make You See?

From the earliest age, it may happen that we develop various phobias or secret fears that are more or less unconscious but that at some point we have to decide to define and then deal with them. One of…

How We Judge Others Reveals A Lot About Ourselves!

In this image, there are four men; three of them have a saw in their hands that they are using to cut a portion of a tree upon which another man is sitting. The question we ask you is very simple: In…

Why Do Children Behave So Badly With Their Own Mother?

How many times have parents' opinions in regards to their own child differed from those of teachers or relatives? "Your child is a real angel, he/she was very good and did not make any trouble at all".…

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