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Although Easily Distracted Mia Is Still A Champion! Go Mia!

The participation of this cute beagle dog at an agility competition seemed to start out great, but after a few seconds, it became clear that the dog, named Mia, tends to get distracted very easily. While…

"Old MacDonald" Didn't Have Moves Like THESE! Check It Out!

Music makes no distinction of sex, age, or nationality ... When a song has a rhythm and melody that is captivating it ends up becoming a mega hit and travels the world far and wide! Then, even if we never…

Although This Duo Lacks Sophistication They Win With Charm!

In this family, the artistic inspiration comes from someone you would never suspect! In fact, the members of this duo, composed of a keyboard player and singer are, in fact, a little toddler and his boxer…

Discover This School Janitor's Ingenious Solution For A Cleaning Problem!

Every night it was the same story! In addition to the normal work of cleaning the bathrooms, this school janitor always found himself having to clean the bathroom mirrors that were constantly covered…

Playing Golf On A Frozen Lake?! ... Very Hazardous Indeed!

What happens when you play golf on a frozen lake? The answer is simple, and will be given by the man who filmed in this video!  As a challenge or as a game this man armed with a golf club walked onto…

Hey! Baseball Lovers Discover An Ingenious Way To Work Out!

When a child does not have any brothers or sisters to play with, the imagination of a child and the patience of a dog can be enough to create the right kind of fun. This little boy, in particular, really…

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