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Four Matches And One Move Makes One Square!? A Magic Trick?!

This is one of those so-called "bar tricks", as is done with readily available material and without too much effort. It is, however, a real brain teaser, for anyone being challenged to solve the puzzle! The…
Funny Magic Tricks

When Is Flashing Children NOT A Nasty Prank?

There are some people who not only have their own channel on Youtube but as YouTubers, they plan, choreograph, and stage the funniest jokes you can imagine. One of them was pretending to bother the kids…

Is This Little Boy Too Cool ... To School? You Bet!

Children are unavoidably funny creatures, a bit because of their nature and often due to the situations they manage to get themselves into! This child completely surprised his parents when he started…

Born To Dance! This Little Baby Rocks!

The song being transmitted on the radio is one that you know too! It is "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, a song that makes almost everybody want to get up and dance! Moreover, there is a particular part of…

A Two-year Expresses How She Feels About Her New Baby Sister!

When communicating to the firstborn that another child is coming, the reaction may not be the most enthusiastic and the question: "Are you happy" can receive a resounding "NO!" Desperation and real discomfort…

Here Is One Way To Sell Your Old Car! Stunning!

Eugene Romanovsky is a visual effects artist and succeed at selling his Suzuki Vitara '96 at the best price, has decided to put all his digital skills and knowledge into practice. Consequently, he created…

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