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This Little Baby Is Clever ... He Takes A Short Cut!

Young children do not have any perception of danger and for this reason, they frequently hurt themselves. Sometimes, however, their spontaneous desire to just move their bodies makes them discover tricks…

A Very Loud And Annoying Prank! Check It Out!

This is definitely the worst joke a friend has ever played on another friend!  This clever man has attached the car horn to the braking system and the result is that every time the victim pushes the…
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The Judge Judy Show --- What Is Worse Than A Criminal? A Stupid Criminal!

During a television program called "Judge Judy" that deals with legal matters such as small claims cases, an American judge named Judy Sheindlin was listening to a case where a girl claimed to have been…

Seeing His Wife Give Birth Is Mind-boggling!

It would seem by this man's reaction, that he has just found out that no, children are not brought into the world by a stork inside of a large and brightly colored handkerchief!  On the contrary, giving…

Dog Training Lessons --- Be Clear And Concise!

Many families that have small dogs and small children in the home rely on basic training techniques to avoid accidents and make sure everyone behaves well. However, to ensure that a dog adheres to a command,…

Monkey See Monkey Do --- Parents And Their Kids, Too!

There are so many things kids learn by imitating what adults do, especially when their ability to communicate verbally is not yet well developed. One of the funniest things for a parent is to watch all…

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