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This Determined Little 3-year-old Ice Skater Will Warm Your Heart ...

When we are talking about very young children performing or exhibiting skills in some sport or special hobby you always expect to witness amazing feats and small miracles!  However, this time we only…

Watch This Construction Worker Recharge His Batteries! WoW!

A construction worker's job is certainly one of the most physically tiring and taking a break from time to time is a good thing. For this construction worker, the best way to disconnect seems to be to…
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This Clever Little Girl Knows How To Get Dressed In A Flash!

This little girl named Millie who is only one year and ten months old is going to win you over with her remarkable independence. When her Mom says it is time to get ready to go out, Millie gets her shoes…

Watch This Adorable 17-month-old Baby Dance! Fascinating!

It is true that some people have rhythm in their blood, and it is equally true that the propensity for dancing is something you are born with! If not, then what would be the explanation for how this 17-month-old…

An Ice Carousel ? ---- A Crazy But Fun Idea That Actually Works!

For those forced to stay in the city, snow is not good news! The various complications that snow causes are certainly more numerous than the benefits! However, for those who have the opportunity to stay…
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This Dog's Reaction To His Owner's Flute Playing Is Hilarious!

Music exercises to do at home can be pleasant and useful for the students, but they are often unwelcome to the other tenants in the house. This dog is forced to endure hours and hours of listening to…
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