A dog owner sings in the shower ---…
Horse and rider make an entrance -- the judges are left speechless. Wow! An ingenious invention lets you sleep ANYWHERE!

A dog owner sings in the shower --- his dog's reaction is not to be missed!

August 28, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Singing in the shower is a way to reduce stress, get rid of nervous tension, and relax by giving ourselves some moments of pure joy and freedom. 

However, to hear someone singing loudly out of tune in the bathroom, might not be so pleasing to the other tenants in the house! 

In fact, in the video, we see Maximus, an adorable German Shepherd, who hates to hear his owner singing in the bathroom! Therefore, when his owner starts singing the famous song "Trolololo" by Eduard Khil, the poor dog expresses his displeasure. . . as best he can!

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