Attach a GoPro to a model car --- the ride is phenomenal! -
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Attach a GoPro to a model car --- the…
A monkey wearing a diaper appears in a parking lot --- a sad reality! This shark can weigh a ton --- but the record it beats is another!

Attach a GoPro to a model car --- the ride is phenomenal!


Hot Wheels is the line of die-cast model cars, motorbikes, trucks, and other vehicles that have made several generations of children and adults dream since the company was created back in 1968!

It is also possible to set up, according to your fancy, toy race tracks where the model cars can rush full speed down straight lines, take thrilling jumps and risk breath-taking curves!

What happens if you mount a small GoPro action camera on a Hot Wheels die cast model car? Fantastic! The adrenalin rush is even greater! 


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