A fox wants to steal this golfer's bag…
What happens to this girl makes us reflect . . . and touches our hearts. She has to sell her ring --- but the jeweler does something unexpected!

A fox wants to steal this golfer's bag --- the battle is hilarious!

August 09, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We all knew about the thieving behavior of the magpie, but that foxes also engage in this age-old tendency to steal, was all that was missing!

This young man. along with his friend, who is thoroughly enjoying the hilarious scene, and is busy immortalizing it for posterity with his camera, is forced to interrupt his quiet round of golf due to the persistent interference of a wily fox...

As a matter of fact, the animal boldly and repeatedly tries to steal the young man's golf club bag! Will he be able to stop the tenacious fox? We'll see!

Tags: AnimalsFunnyFoxes


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