A fox shares a very touching secret ...

Usually the male fox helps the female to take care of the puppies and to get food, but in this case, there is no trace of him. Consequently, it must be hard for this mother fox to take care of her puppies…

A little fox gets some much-needed help!

It was really an incredible encounter that happened at the right place at the right time between a fox cub and a group of Russian soldiers. Who knows how long this little fox cub had been wandering around…

A fox wants to steal this golfer's bag --- the battle is hilarious!

We all knew about the thieving behavior of the magpie, but that foxes also engage in this age-old tendency to steal, was all that was missing! This young man. along with his friend, who is thoroughly…

A couple was just out for a walk --- But they found A LOT more!

A couple was taking a walk when they accidently found a fox cub that had been abandoned by its mother! The fox cub did not seem in the least bit frightened by the presence of humans - it was as if he…

This beautiful fox loves to be cuddled

A very soft red fox enjoys cuddles from his owner, in Arkansas. For local law, keeping foxes as pets is allowed without any special license, so it's not uncommon to see them wandering in the gardens or…

The appreciation of small fox

A small fox remains stuck with its head in a can , until a man rescues it. Instead of running away or show aggression, however, the cub stays a few more minutes to enjoy some caresses and thanking his…

The fox that looks like a little dog

It's amazing how this fox looks like a dog

After being saved, the fox shows lots of gratitude

The name of this young fox is Dawn. After being cured because of some injuries, the fox showa to the rescuers lots of gratitude

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