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A bulldog is watching a TV horror movie…
This is one stage of production ---- Can you guess what object it is? A dog and a kangaroo playing together?! --- Who would have imagined?

A bulldog is watching a TV horror movie --- His reaction is amazing!


Horror films are wonderful to watch . . . in the right company! You know -- the kind of people who scream to release their fear or who shout out warnings and speak directly to the protagonists as if they can hear?

As a matter of fact, this bulldog behaves more or less in the same identical manner! In the film, nervous tension builds up as the dramatic climax scene approaches and explodes when the little girl is in serious danger and screams!

Consequently, this vigilant bulldog starts barking as if to warn her of the imminent danger as if she can hear, what a courageous dog!  :)

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