Old belts?! --- Wait Do not throw them…
It looks like many other cars --- but look again! Line your plate with plastic wrap? --- The reason is simply brilliant!

Old belts?! --- Wait Do not throw them away!

July 03, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you have one or more belts you thought could be matched with almost any outfit and instead have remained hanging in your closet; and now you are thinking about getting rid of them?

Wait! Here is a solution that gives you just what you need --- a simple and original way to beautify your home. . . and recycle your old belts!

By purchasing two planks of wood at any DIY store, staining and varnishing them in minutes and attaching part of your old belt, you will have created two splendid low-cost shelves with an innovative design.

In this video tutorial, you will find all the steps for the quick and easy realization of this DIY project!

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