They organize a gender reveal party…
This parrot wants to reveal what it has learned --- Lend him an ear! :) A harmless caterpillar or a poisonous snake? --- You will be amazed!

They organize a gender reveal party --- But there another SURPRISE!

July 17, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Knowing the sex of the coming baby is a very exciting moment! Some couples decide to reveal it in a very special way, like this mother-to-be who got help from Darth Vader himself

Instead, in this video, it is the father-to-be who is the one who wanted to trick his girlfriend and present his own special surprise!

As a matter of fact, his girlfriend believes that the gender of their baby will be revealed from the internal color of the cake that she is going to cut ... which is true, but not only is the baby's sex revealed, there is also another totally unsuspected and thrilling surprise! 

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