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An Ingenious hack to get rid of pesky…
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An Ingenious hack to get rid of pesky flies!

January 09, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Flies spend most of their time buzzing around garbage, animal remains, and other bacteria-rich areas. If they enter the house and land on food or objects that come into contact with humans, they can be a vehicle for the transmission of many diseases, so it is a good idea to keep them away.

What we show you today is a trick to ward off pesky flies, in a natural way, without using chemicals or devices that kill them. The repellent effect is based on the biology of these small beings, in particular, how their eyes function.

Mexican restaurant owners are accustomed to hanging a bag full of water, with coins inside, to ward off flies.

To make this ingenious hack, get yourself a transparent plastic bag, coins (pennies are excellent), lemon juice, and salt. 

Pour everything inside the bag and fill it with water, make sure the bag can support the weight of the water without breaking! 

But what is the principle on which this hack is based? And what is the particular function of each of the components?

Entomologists say that flies use sunlight for orientation. Therefore, when their eyes are experiencing the effect of refracted light, they get confused and fly away.

Refraction occurs when an opaque or shiny object, like for instance a glass of water or a transparent plastic bag, alters the course and the speed of light. Normally, light rays travel in a straight line, but when they hit something the rays fold or bend.

Light refraction causes many optical illusions, such as mirages, for example!


The head area of a fly is occupied for the most part by two large compound eyes. In fact, actually, each eye is made up of three thousand smaller eyes.

image: Wikipedia

Each eye cannot focus on a particular object, but contributes to the complete view of the surrounding world, just as if they were pixels on a larger screen.

Some owners insert additional coins in the water-filled plastic bag to confuse the flies even more!

Lemon juice and salt, when added to the water, serve to make the coins brighter and to maintain this condition over time.


A simple trick that can definitively solve the problem of flies entering your house! Hang the bag just outside the door, and you will see the difference!

Hoax or the truth? Biologists have given a scientific reason why this trick might work, but we want to know from you the results after you have tried it! Keep us informed :-)

Here is a simple video that demonstrates how the bag is assembled step by step.

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