It is not a hammock or a bed! --- Meet the swing pallet bed! -
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It is not a hammock or a bed! --- Meet…
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It is not a hammock or a bed! --- Meet the swing pallet bed!

October 30, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the summer, you know, we all love a refreshing breeze in the garden in the shade of a few trees, but if you think that a hammock or a chair are the only solutions, you are wrong!

The well-known YouTuber Kip Kay got the idea of building, in the simplest way, a swinging garden bed that you will never want to leave! Let's see what are the steps to follow . . . the result is worthy of a relaxation expert! 

- If you do not understand some steps, do not despair! Just watch the video with all the details at the bottom of the page.

via: Youtube

First of all, clean the pallets and remember to remove any worn slats!

Next, remove any extra nails or hammer them in and measure the length of the pallets to match the length of a full-sized mattress. 

Take two wooden pallets and join them according to the length of the mattress.


Remove the wooden slats that are longer than the mattress.

Fasten the two pallets together using nails and add in three support slats (on the sides and the center).

Drill holes in the four corners of the wooden pallets and attach strong ropes. At this point, you are ready to position the swing bed under a selected tree.


Tie the ropes to a strong branch in such a way as to maintain the same height and without lifting the bed too far from the ground.

Prepare the bed as you normally would and you are ready for the best nap in the world!

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