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15 unexpected tricks that will change…
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15 unexpected tricks that will change the way you deal with some situations

April 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are passionate about life hacks, a term or expression used to indicate those tips or tricks that can simplify your life and solve small daily problems, you will find this list quite satisfactory.

Have you ever wondered how to eliminate the crumbs that accumulate between the computer keyboard keys? Or how to refresh a glass of wine without using ice cubes that would then end up watering down the wine?

These and other life hacks will be revealed here in this article!

Is the bucket too big for the sink? To fill it, you can use a plastic bottle.

image: woohome

Does your air conditioner give off a bad smell? Attach a perfumed dryer sheet to the air vents.

image: alphahacks

Instead of ice, use frozen grapes to cool the wine and in this way it will not be watered down!

image: lifehack

Water and soap are great for identifying the location of a hole in tires.

image: imgur.com

With the adhesive part of a post-it you can eliminate dust and crumbs that accumulate between the keys of your computer keyboard.


Here is the easiest way to create a speaker.

image: wikihow.com

With a window cleaner, it is no longer a problem to remove hair from the carpet.

image: Reddit

In this way, children can eat ice cream without the danger of getting dirty.

image: imgur.com

Finally, a solution to organize pot lids.

image: mashable.com

Here's how to spot avocados that are ripe at the right point!

image: imgur.com

Cold coffee lovers? To keep it fresh, use frozen coffee cubes.

image: dumpaday.com

Never have to look for the right coin again!

image: 9gag.com

Have you ever thought about serving sauces and other sandwich ingredients in a muffin pan?

image: knowyourmeme

To speed up the charging time, set the phone in airplane mode.

image: gizmodo.com

With beeswax, you can waterproof a pair of shoes.

image: oddee.com
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