It is amazing the way sachets of silica gel can be used! Here are 12 situations where they come in handy. -
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It is amazing the way sachets of silica…
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It is amazing the way sachets of silica gel can be used! Here are 12 situations where they come in handy.

May 16, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

How many times have you thrown away sachets of silica gel? They are usually found in boxes of new shoes, but can also be found in the packaging of electronic products.

Inside there are pearls of silica gel that among their many properties is their ability to absorb moisture. For this reason, they are included in the packaging of products that cannot tolerate damp environments, and for the same reason, they are also used on many other occasions.

Here are 12 uses for sachets of silica gel.

1. Protect photos


Preserve albums and photos longer by placing a sachet of silica gel in the box where you keep family memories.

2. Protect the tool box from rust

Are you one of those people who throw everything in the toolbox? Placing a few sachets of silica gel will remove excess moisture, thus preventing tools from rusting prematurely.


3. Keep stainless steel and silver bright


Put a sachet of silica gel in your jewelry box or in the drawer where you keep your silverware, to prevent these objects from becoming dull and opaque.

4. Keep pet food for animals dry

image: JnL/Flikr

Usually, pet food is packaged in bags that are too large, and that once opened, there is the risk that the product absorbs moisture from the air. By placing a few sachets of silica gel in the bag, you will be sure to always feed your four-legged friend fresh and crispy pet food!

5. Preserve important documents


Put a couple of sachets of silica gel in document holders and folders containing important documents, to prevent moisture from ruining them.


6. Protect photographic equipment


Moisture can damage photographic equipment. Sachets of silica gel should already be present at the time of purchase, but be sure to replace them from time to time.

7. Homemade potpourri


Do you want to make some potpourri at home? Thanks to the use of a few sachets of silica gel you can speed up the drying process.


8. Storing seeds

Sachets of silica gel are also excellent for protecting packaged seeds from moisture.

9. Remove condensation from glass windows


If you have condensation problems on your glass windows in the winter, hang a few sachets of silica gel near the window glass to eliminate condensation.


10. Eliminate bad smells from suitcases


It is easy for suitcases to smell bad after remaining closed for a long time. When not in use, store a few sachets of silica gel inside them to dry the moisture that causes the bad smell.

11. Preserving leather garments

Cover the leather garments with clothes bags and insert a few sachets of silica gel inside the bags to keep the leather from being damaged due to humidity.

12. Conserving VHS cassettes


Although they are old-fashioned and unused, VHS cassettes still contain many of our memories. To store them, you can put them in a box with sachets of silica gel, but the best advice is to convert them to DVD!

Now, do you see how many uses there are for those sachets of silica gel? From now on you will not throw them away anymore!

image: Depositphotos
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