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10 signs that clearly say that your…
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10 signs that clearly say that your partner is madly in love with you


In love, it is always wrong to make generalizations or try to establish universal rules because every story is different because the protagonists are always different.

However, there are clear signs that reveal an understanding between lovers, signs that even if they are invisible, nevertheless, indicate a love story that is proceeding well. 

Certainly, everyone has their own way of expressing love, but when one is overwhelmed by sentiment, one lets oneself go and inevitably starts to manifest at least one of these behaviors.

So, what are the signs that your partner is madly in love with you?

 They stand beside you in the most difficult moments.

Life is not always beautiful. There will be some gray periods, not very pleasant or exciting, but even in those days, you can count on your partner who will do everything to make you feel better. Whether it is a mild flu or something more important, the proximity of your companion will be the most effective medicine.

They opt for dialogue and not for silence.

It is true, that the harmony between two people is seen also when there is no need to always speak and when silence is given the right importance. However, in a happy couple the moments of silence, especially those deafening ones, which are a sign of a false truce, are not present. On the contrary, a sense of joy prevails in conversations fueled by the pleasure of conversing, at the beginning of the day as well as at the end.


They leave love notes.

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Anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine's Day are the norm, but what about love notes left just any day of the week in an unexpected place? It is in the details that true feelings are hidden in everyday life. In addition, the more a simple gesture causes pleasure, the more the link is sincere and without interest.

They have no problem in giving you their phone.

image: pixabay.com

Today, smartphones contain much of our lives and it is right to protect them with passwords and other security systems. However, having an overprotective behavior towards a mobile phone may not be a good sign. On the other hand, a partner should not demonstrate an obsessive interest in their partner's smartphone. 

When a relationship respects each person and their privacy, no one needs to spy on the other's smartphone, nor does either of you have problems leaving your respective smartphones unattended for a few moments.

They send you voice messages.

image: maxpixel.net

Always used to texting, we forgot the importance of the voice. If your partner sends you voice messages, it is because they want to tell you something that they cannot say in words and because they are sure of the sincerity of their feelings. Writing something without really believing it is simple, saying it a little less. The intonation, the pauses and the speed of the speech can reveal a lot about the emotional involvement of a person.

They share their food with you.

image: Depositphotos

Sharing food with a person is a sign of great intimacy. When a couple share food together, it is because they think in the plural and no longer in the singular. Eating becomes a pleasure to share and not just a natural instinct.

 They are willing to have new experiences with you.

To love a person also means to be curious about their interests, their hobbies and this is also a way to get to know them and understand them more deeply. When a partner is willing to try new experiences, in which perhaps the other is an expert, it is because they trust them completely and are ready to embrace even the most personal aspects. Putting yourself on the line, having fun together, showing yourself open to trying new things, strengthens the love bond and consolidates shared memories.

They are willing to change their habits.

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Falling in love is an opportunity to change, to improve, finding strength in trusting and collaborating with your companion. Has your partner always been messy? If they are doing everything to be neater and organized, well ... it is true love!

 They are proud to be in your company.

Did you start to date in secret, but now you have no reason to hide the relationship? If your partner feels proud and relieved to be able to introduce you to their acquaintances, it is a clear sign of that they have fallen in love with you. Presenting you to their family, to their circle of friends, is an indirect way to express their joy in having you close and in sharing their time with you.

They do not avoid physical contact.

image: pixabay.com

Physical contact is an essential element of a love affair. Of course, some people do not like public displays of affection, but others will not deprive themselves of a kiss even in a crowded place! However, the fact is that when a love affair is proceeding nicely then between lovers physical contact is a natural desire!

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