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15 useful domestic tips that you will…
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15 useful domestic tips that you will no longer be able to get out of your head

May 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each of us has a trick that we jealously guard and that we rarely show to others unless it is with the intention to amaze.

Nowadays, however, almost everything that is done has been infected with the desire to share it online, and so these tricks are becoming more and more widespread and exchanged between the creators.

Here's are some brilliant finds that were discovered on the Internet that give us some really useful solutions to problems that occur almost every day!

1. T-shirt too low cut? Use some earrings to reduce the size of the opening.

2. Use contact lens containers to store skin products and makeup during a trip.


3. Here's how to hang Christmas tree balls.

4. If the fitting room is not equipped with a hook, you can use a bunch of keys. Be careful, it only works with lightweight clothing!

5. If the shower curtain is too short, you can fix it by adding a few extra rings.


6. A mini-dustpan made with aluminum foil as a DIY solution to collecting dust and debris from the most unthinkable places.

7. Apply different colored rubber pads to distinguish the right earphone from the left earphone.


8. Attach Velcro as shown in this image to charger cables that constantly fall out of sockets.

9. If you have a few extra clothes hangers clips, you can use the clips to seal and close food storage bags.


10. The most practical way to knit in peace.

image: Fl000/reddit

11. Finally! The way to keep a taco upright!

12. Regenerate your car air freshener by adding a few drops of essential oil.

13. No more wrinkled shirt collars!

14. A styrofoam cup in your cup holder as an improvised but working audio speaker!

image: huisi/reddit

15. Do you want to keep your fingers from getting dirty when you are eating finger food snacks?!? Here is the solution!

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