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Discover the best way to cook the perfect…
Need a food box? Use a paper plate! What would you do in this situation?

Discover the best way to cook the perfect steak!


Preparing meat dishes may seem easy, due to requiring only a few steps ... But in those few steps is where the secret lies to cooking a good, tender and tasty piece of meat.

It is not necessary to serve it burnt, and even if you prefer rare meat, its surface should have a good color. Do you think it is not possible to cook a perfect steak on a barbecue grill at home?

Follow our advice, and getting closer to perfection will be much easier!

Start by sprinkling salt abundantly on the steaks, and let them sit for an hour.

During this time, the salt will extract moisture from the meat. The salted juices will then be re-absorbed, adding flavor to the steaks. Finally, pat the surface with a dry cloth to remove the excess salt, and go to the next step.

Grind and sprinkle black pepper abundantly on the steaks and then press the pepper into the steaks with the tips of your fingers.


If your barbecue grill has more than one burner, set them all at their maximum and allow to heat up for 15 minutes, then clean them with an iron brush to remove any charcoal.

Leaving the first burner at maximum temperature, lower the other burners to the minimum. Place the steaks on the first grate; let them cook for six minutes.

After six minutes, turn the steaks over: the side adjacent to the grate should have a good appetizing color. Now cook the other side for six minutes.

Now transfer the steaks onto the less hot side of the grate, with the portion containing the bone facing the hottest part. This will finish the cooking without drying them.

Leave them in this position until the internal temperature of the meat, which is measurable with a kitchen thermometer, has reached 50°C (58°F). If you do not have this tool, wait about two minutes.


Next, remove the steaks from the grates and let them rest on a cutting board for ten minutes, then you can start cutting the meat and serving it as you prefer.

To cut the meat, first, remove the bone from the meat and then slice it into fine strips, preserving the original shape of the steak.

Taste the meat after following these tips --- now you can declare yourself a real barbecue expert!

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