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A dog left in a car in the sun -- a…
Abandoned with a 20 kg tumor --- but see him now after the operation! Shot and left to die -- but she was rescued and now she is unrecognizable!

A dog left in a car in the sun -- a stranger saves its life ... in his own way!


It was a very hot day and at a Canadian campground, the temperature had reached 35°C (95°F). During a musical event, the program announcer had repeatedly asked with the microphone who was the owner of the BMW with a little dog locked inside, but no one had come forward! 

Consequently, a man in the audience decided to take the initiative to rescue the dog, by breaking, with the help of a large rock, the car window.

About an hour later, the dog's owner showed up, but the dog probably would not have survived without the "heroic" gesture of  this unknown man. The little puppy was taken into police custody and it is now safe and sound!

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Pubblicato da Will Costa su Sabato 11 giugno 2016

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