Mother and son are found dying --- They were saved -- and look at them now! -
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Mother and son are found dying --- They…
A dog is brought into a room --- Soon it notices a face not seen for 20 long months. . . Putting dishwashing soap in the toilet gives amazing results!

Mother and son are found dying --- They were saved -- and look at them now!


Mother dog Helena and her puppy son, Oscar, were abandoned among the rubble of a partially demolished house - both were weakened and near death due to a serious and deadly skin disease that had never been treated.

Naturally, the puppy was very wary of the volunteers who found them and intervened to save the two hapless animals! Luckily, Mother dog Helena remained calm, to encourage her puppy, Oscar, to accept the help that would save their lives.  

Currently, Oscar is doing quite well, as can be seen by his lustrous coat and vitality! In addition, his mother Helena is also on the road back to good health! So, once again ... all is well that ends well!:)

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