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He has not seen his brother for two…
A girl puts different plants in a large vase pot --- The end result is absolutely magical! He starts filming his parrot -- but just listen to what happens next --- you will find it fascinating!

He has not seen his brother for two years --- When they meet he bursts into tears!

April 23, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The Leonard family completely folded after the father's accidental death. The mother, together with her two young children, over the years, has had to overcome innumerable difficulties, such as living and sleeping in makeshift places without heating or electricity.

The older brother, Bailey, who has always taken care of the younger brother, Meyers, became for him almost like a second father. Bailey's departure to serve in the US Marine Corps separated the two brothers for two interminable years. As can be seen in this video, when the two find themselves together again.... their joy and excitement are off the charts!

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