Two former fighting dogs meet -- Their reaction is unimaginable! -
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Two former fighting dogs meet -- Their…
This drawing artist only needs his hands --- and imagination to create something spectacular! It looks like the beginning of a normal wedding ceremony --- if it were not for a horrible detail!

Two former fighting dogs meet -- Their reaction is unimaginable!

March 27, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Cadence and Chance are two pit bulls who were used for many years as fighting dogs, more precisely as "bait" dogs to train other dogs to become fighters. When they were rescued from their cruel owners their condition was deplorable: their entire bodies were covered with wounds and scars! 

It has taken some time to restore Cadence and Chance to an acceptable and healthy physical condition and especially to gain their trust -- and to re-educate them. But judging by their meeting, their fighting days are over --- and everything has turned out just fine! Now, they can be friends and not foes! :)

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