Just bury a plastic tube in a container…
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Just bury a plastic tube in a container --- Here is a brilliant idea to grow luxuriant plants!

April 10, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever thought about the symbolic value that flowers have in our society? We use them for weddings, for funerals, as a gift to the person we love, or as a thank you and on various occasions as a tribute. In short, in addition to being a beautiful decorative element, flowers have a real social value.

Today, we discovered a flower arrangement that, due to its originality and beauty, caught our attention. It's called the "Tower of Flowers" and here's how you can make your own! 


1 large pot

garden netting 

a plastic tube

baling wire or zip ties

a sheet of plastic



via: dan330

Take the vase which acts as the base, and insert the garden netting to form a cylinder.

Seal the base of the tube with care!


Place the tube in the garden netting, so that it covers its entire length. Secure it with rocks at the base.

Cover the inside of the cylinder with a water-resistant plastic sheet.

Fill the outside area around the pipe with soil and the interior with potting soil and fertilizer (inside the tube you can even put coffee grounds or some vegetable kitchen waste).


Choose the points in which to insert the plants and with a screwdriver make some holes in the inner tube, in accordance with the size of the seedling.

The tower is ready! Just water it, starting from the top and the water will be distributed to the entire column, releasing the nutrients through the holes in the central tube!

In this video, you can observe how the tower operates as explained by the company that mass-produces these towers on an industrial scale. 

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