It seems like a simple egg toast --…
A priest celebrates Christmas Eve Mass ... but there is a small detail that will leave everyone stunned! Only one of the two eggs came from a free range farm -- Can you tell which one?

It seems like a simple egg toast -- but when you slice it open ... it will make your mouth water!

March 12, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you love eggs and toast? Well, this recipe is definitely for you because it is a variation of poached eggs on toast that is simple and intuitive while also being original and very tasty! 

The first step is to separate the yolk (while keeping it intact) from the egg white. Next whisk the egg whites with a few drops of lemon juice to create a light and frothy cream, then put it in a greased metal ring, add crisp bacon, and finally the yolk. The result? A sort of fluffy cloud with a creamy heart ... Delicious! 

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