Dog gets abandoned because it is too ugly, but a woman discovers its heart of gold! -
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Dog gets abandoned because it is too…
A mother lovingly photographs her newborn twin girls! The captured moments are unforgettable! Just sit on the ground next to a horse ... What happens next will immediately take your breath away!

Dog gets abandoned because it is too ugly, but a woman discovers its heart of gold!

By Robert Maggi

Many dog owners like to show off how much they love their pets, by buying them useless "cute" outfits, expensive accessories and adopting behavior towards them that is more suitable for humans than animals. Sometimes we wonder if their love and affection are genuine, or perhaps it all really depends more on the animal’s species and beauty?

The story of this dog called Nik-Nak can help us to find an answer to this question. Due to the fact that everyone thought that he was a very ugly dog, his owners decided to abandon him and to have him put to sleep! However, fortunately, for Nik-Nak the world is not full of just selfish people but there are also good people like this woman in the video who decided to take him home with her, to keep him permanently, and to love him in spite of his physical appearance! Lucky dog! 

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