A cyclist notices movements in the grass:…
Dad begins to sing, the reaction of this cute baby will leave you spellbound ! The child sits in front of the dog: what they do surprises even the parents !

A cyclist notices movements in the grass: someone is following him - and it's not good news!

November 16, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
In a forest in British Columbia a man is on a long bike ride, but has the terrible feeling of being followed. So he stops and starts filming the bushes behind him: hidden in the grass there's a mountain lion, which seems determined to figure out who the intruder (and maybe understand if the intruder can get his lunch ...). As the animal approaches, the man begins to show an understandable nervousness. Fortunately the size of the human body are very different from those of their usual prey, and eventually he decide not to risk it.

Tags: AnimalsWtfNature


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