Hundreds of dogs stand in a circle:…
Here's the giant machine that builds a bridge in China in a few minutes ! She starts filming her dogs on the porch, but keep your eyes on the one on the right ...

Hundreds of dogs stand in a circle: find out what happens in this magical place!

October 26, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
These dogs are in a shelter in Serbia and were destined to a difficult life of hunger and abuse. All of them, were rescued from the street or from situations of abuse to go and live in this magical place. Here they all live together and share the loving care of the workers.

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WATCH 450 DOGS RUN & PLAY TOGETHER!!!!Please Donate To Help Us Feed the Dogs: http://harmonyfund.org/donate/help-feed-care-for-400-dogs-in-serbiaAnyone who has ever heard whispers of this sanctuary in Serbia knows what a magical place it is. This amazing haven is home to 450 rescued dogs. But this is no ordinary rescue center. What's most incredible is not just the number of dogs who live here, but the WAY they live.Rather than being warehoused in cages and kennels, the dogs here PLAY all day long. They experience joy, good food and human kindness - often for the very first time.The cost of care for each dog here is $15 a month, yet we only have sponsors for 88 dogs. Please, please will some of you help us? We can't reduce the dogs' food intake and we certainly can't pick and choose which dogs eat. With winter coming, we hope to stockpile some food. This is one charitable investment that will bring you nothing but happiness.IF YOU CAN HELP, CLICK HERE: http://harmonyfund.org/donate/help-feed-care-for-400-dogs-in-serbiaPlease SHARE. Thank you!

Posted by The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund on Mercoledì 14 ottobre 2015

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