Woman's boss doesn't appreciate her, so she quits, writing: "I'm sorry for your loss"

Mark Bennett

December 23, 2022

Woman's boss doesn't appreciate her, so she quits, writing:

Working a job should bring personal fulfilment and a sense of achievement, but unfortunately this is not always the case: many companies still fail to recognize the valuable contribution their employees make and adopt attitudes which, in the long run, cause their workers to quit. Amber knows about this very well. Amber is a young electrician who chose to resign from her now former workplace, which she considers "toxic" and "extremely demotivating". And she quit in a very unique manner.

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"Have you ever worked for a company that treated you terribly? Today I got a job offer that gives me more than I asked for: my own van and they're sponsoring my studies. I can't wait to "to tell my boss the good news tomorrow," wrote the young electrician. She also attached a photo of her resignation letter that reads: "I'm sorry for your loss," as the title. Further on, she wrote: "It's me, Amber. I'm quitting in two weeks."

"I predict my boss will tell me to leave instantly," Amber commented: "It's usually what he does when people quit. My new company has already said I can start immediately. My current company pays very little and requires that workers provide all their own tools including ladders, safety equipment and even saw blades and drill bits! Why should I use my personal tools?Then they wonder why their employees quit!” she added. The following day, Amber submitted her resignation, but her boss's reaction was not what she expected.

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"I went to work this morning and gave him my resignation note. He read it, made a disgusted face and said 'ok'. He didn't tell me to leave immediately, so that means he wants me to work my two weeks notice. He didn't even ask me why I'm leaving," the young woman explained.

Most users supported Amber's initiative, but also stressed the importance of maintaining a professional attitude: "It was a funny note. But I advise you to be more professional in the future. Don't stoop to their level ... it will only make them feel justified in treating you badly. Either way, good luck!" wrote one young man. "Respect is not given, it is earned and I have combined business with pleasure", Amber stated.

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