Man dies for 90 minutes, then revives: "I didn't see anything - there were no sounds nor lights"

Mark Bennett

November 23, 2022

Man dies for 90 minutes, then revives:

Is there really life after death? We cannot say for sure, but we can all agree that it is this belief gives us the strength carry on and that, after death, a new future awaits us. Sometimes, we imagine heaven to be a perfect place but we cannot know if this is real or not. There are those who believe in the afterlife without question; then there are those who say they do not want to "fool themselves".

A few people, however, have experienced what it is to die but to come back (albeit after only a brief period). And this is what happened to subject of this story:

via Daily Star


Alistair Blake is a 61-year-old Australian who had a very traumatic but, at the same time, unique experience in 2019. The man had heart problems which, one morning, left him in a state of total unconsciousness. His wife, Melinda, realizing the seriousness of situation, immediately emergency medical services and she gave her husband a heart massage for the next 20 minutes.

When the doctors arrived, they thought Alistair had passed away. The man was unresponsive for 90 minutes and was considered to be dead.

After repeated revival attempts, however, and thanks to the competence of the doctors, Alistair "came back" and recalled  his experience whilst he was technically dead.

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"I remember going to bed on Saturday night and woke up the following Thursday. Technically, I died for 90 minutes and my brain has forgotten a good chunk of time. Many have asked me if I saw something but no, I didn't see anything. There were no colors, sounds or lights," Alistair said.

The important thing, as both he and his wife have stated, is that he has been "returned" to the land of living. Whether there is an afterlife or not, it doesn't matter. "You start to value what you have much more. You convince yourself to work less to enjoy time with your loved ones and I have also started to eat healthier and to exercise," Alistair said.

What matters, therefore, is the present. If there is something after life, it is better to discover it as late as possible. Meanwhile, we should enjoy the time we have now. Do you agree?