15-year-old son made his girlfriend pregnant: "you will work with me on the construction site, and I won't be the one to take care of you"

Mark Bennett

October 26, 2022

15-year-old son made his girlfriend pregnant:

Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but, at the same time, it involves huge responsibilities that are not always easy to deal with. In order for everything to go smoothly and for children and young people to understand how to behave in life, there is a need for a good education - but also for a good upbringing.

And if your teenage child got into serious difficulties, how would you handle it? The dad we want to talk to you about made his decision, and announced it on social media. Hear is his story:

via marisayruben/Tik Tok


marisayruben/Tik Tok

Once you make the leap from childhood to adolescence, the parent-child relationship becomes a little more complicated. There are teenagers who let themselves be guided easily, while maintaining their own personality. Then there are others who, on the contrary, are more "rebellious". In cases like these, there is no magical formula to fix the problem. In this story, a father found himself faced with a rather difficult problem: at the age of 15, his son has made his girlfriend pregnant. Let's face it: this a situation that would not be easy to manage.

The most shocking thing is the age of the boy: as mentioned, he is 15, while the girl is only 14. Can one take care of a child at this age? Maybe yes, but the young man's father does not seem to be convinced of this - so much so, that he has scolded his son on social media.

marisayruben/Tik Tok

In a video posted on TikTok, we see the boy with a contrite face listening to his parent: "This boy is only 15 years old and his girlfriend is expecting a baby," says the man in an angry tone. He continues: "Your mother and I have always given you are trust. We talked to you at length and now look at the results. You are ruining your life. We did everything to make sure you lacked for nothing. Your mother and I work our fingers to the bone for you and this is the way you repay us ".

These words seem to have an impact on the boy, and also the users who listened to them too. Of course, it is not easy to manage situations like this, especially if you think about the consequences. The father concluded his lecture with these words: "From now on, you will come to work with me on my construction site, and I am not going to support you, your girlfriend or your baby".


Palauenc05/Wikimedia - Not the actual photo

It is probably this last part that struck people: is it right to force a child to go to work because of a youthful mistake and stopping him from any further schooling? There is no easy answer to this and those who saw the video are split in two camps. On the one hand, there are those who agree with their father; on the other, there are those who have advised him to be less hard on his son.

What do you think about this?