"I needed to be alone for a while so I bought a cake and ate it in my car: was I wrong?"

Mark Bennett

August 30, 2022


There are times when you feel the need to take a few moments for yourself. Small pauses in a hectic life during which you can relax for a moment, without the pressure of responsibility. Everyone feels a need to take a break now and then. This does not mean that the person in question does not care about their loved ones or does not want to spend time with them, but we all know how essential it is not to neglect taking care of oneself.

Satisfying this need, however, got the subject in this story into a quarrel with his wife. Here is his story:

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justgrimes/Flickr - Not the actual photo

Feeling the need to discuss this topic, the subject of this story turned to the web in search of advice regarding what he had done. The man started his story with these words: "As a husband and father, I recognize that there were many things that I used to do on my own. Now, I have to share things and time with my wife and children. In the past, everything was my own: clothes, food, phone, etc. Now, my family is ever-present, using these things too. Unsurprisingly, I sometimes have a strong desire to spend a few moments on my own".

For this reason, one evening, this man decided to buy a large slice of cake and eat all of it in his car, before returning home and having to share it with his family. It was too bad for him, then, that his wife found out and flew off the handle.

"I tried to explain my reasons to her, but she does not understand and accused me of being selfish," said the man.

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Doubting himself, this man decided to share the incident with internet users to get objective opinions. Most of them expressed solidarity with him and confessed to doing the same thing from time to time. One person, specifically, replied: "Next time, eat your snack in the supermarket parking lot, throw the package in a bin and pay in cash so you won't leave a trace."

What do you think of all this? Would you ever do something like this to get a few minutes of being on your own?