Elderly couple photographed selling handmade bracelets in the street: "We need to survive"

Mark Bennett

October 24, 2022

Elderly couple photographed selling handmade bracelets in the street:

Often nowadays, it is no longer enough to have a job or a pension to be able to support oneself and live with dignity. The costs of living seem to rise daily, forcing many people to scramble for solutions. Even those who have worked all their lives risk finding themselves destitute. What can be done in these cases? There are seniors who are forced to roll up their sleeves in an attempt to earn some extra money. The couple who are the focus of this story, are a clear example of this.

via Twitter / Piligaxiola


Twitter / Piligaxiola

A user shared a photo on Twitter of two elderly people who, with great dignity, were selling bracelets in the street. "This wonderful couple makes their bracelets with a lot of love. They are always in front of this Starbucks. Usually they are here from 13:00 to 15:00," wrote the user who wanted to help the couple by advertising for them online. In fact, in the post, the user asked for the help of all her followers, inviting them to go and buy the couple's bracelets. In the post, she wanted to provide details to allow her followers to easily find the couple.

"They go out in public and sell bracelets to make a living," stated the user, urging everyone to buy the couple's beautiful, handcrafted bracelets.

Pexels / Not the actual photo

Users responded enthusiastically to this appeal, even those who lived too far to travel to the couple's location: "How sweet. I live far away, but if I were closer I would buy their wares", and again, "Congratulations, this touched my heart ", were some of the responses.

It seems unfair that after a certain age one cannot simply relax, but unfortunately this is a reality and surely makes us reflect on the direction in which the world is heading. For now, we can only wish this couple lots of sales!