Mother got her daughter used to using…
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Mother got her daughter used to using the toilet when she was only 2 months old: "Now she is 5 months old and tells me when she has to go"

October 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many parents are proud of their newborn children, but there is something that unites all of them and that can be included in the list of "negatives": diapers. Nobody likes to change their little ones, especially "poos", but we have to do this thankless task regardless. But there are parents who, due to a new "educational technique", can say goodbye to diapers from the very first weeks of their baby's life.

via: NY Post

Alexis Abdelaziz, a 26-year-old young Californian mom, began teaching her five-month-old daughter Aya to use the toilet when she was only eight weeks old. Babies usually begin potty training between 18 and 24 months, although in some cases they can start at three years of age.

The young woman has adopted a technique of "communication of evacuation" which is based on the idea that children naturally signal when they need to go to the bathroom. Alexis has been constant in teaching her child how to use the toilet and stated that Aya is able to signal when she needs to go, using sign language.

The method of evacuation communication requires the child shows a sign - for example by showing a card or drawing a picture - and immediately afterwards, the parents must place the child in front of the potty or the toilet and make a sound to encourage the child use the toilet. Alexis said she felt rather skeptical of the technique at first, but her daughter Aya used the toilet right away.

"We haven't stopped since then. Every day she becomes more consistent and she understands the technique better," said Alexis. "Aya is just five months old and a few days ago, for the first time, she gave me a sign that she needed the loo. I then ask her if she needs to show me her a toilet card and then I put her on the toilet ".

Alexis is also teaching her daughter sign language: "There are many benefits to babies being able to communicate before they are able to do it verbally, because they are able to demonstrate their needs and are emotionally aware, which means. that they are less likely to throw tantrums or feel emotionally misunderstood," she explained.

"Of course Aya is not yet able to speak, but she is able to understand and she can learn to use her voice," added Alexis, noting that the key to her method is consistency. "If I take her to the bathroom during the day and don't show her the card or do the signs, I'm sure it would fail as a method," she said.

Many people have asked Alexis why she taught her daughter this technique at such an early age: "It's not to avoid using diapers or to show my child is a genius. With this method, my daughter is much more serene, because children who sit in dirty diapers for ages do not enjoy themselves: they cry, scream, it is not pleasant. Since Aya goes to the toilet she is happy and calm. She hardly ever cries. "

What do you think of this ever-popular technique?

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