Mother can't find work due to her many…
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Mother can't find work due to her many tattoos: "I'll never stop getting them"

September 23, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Deciding to get a tattoo is a very common choice nowadays. There are no age limits to getting tattooed and meeting people who have one or more "tats" is not as strange as it used to be. Yet, there are situations in which it would be best, according to many, not to have too many tats which are highly visible.

This is the case of the mother we are about to tell you about: a 45-year-old who was banished from working precisely because of the "excess" of tattoos all over her body.

via: Mirror

Melissa Sloan is a mom who made headlines for stating that she couldn't find a job because of her passion: tattoos. The woman, who got her first tattoo when she was 20, developed a huge fondness for this art form and claimed she couldn't stop getting them.

"It is a very intense feeling that pushes me towards the world of tattoos. Now I can no longer live without them and I have to get three a week. I practically go around with the tattoo gun in my car and my boyfriend, when I feel like it, gives me a new tattoo," Mellssa said.

In many contexts, this obsession would not have any negative effects. But this does not happen, however, in the workplace. Here, unfortunately, the real problems begin for Melissa: "I am aware that having a lot of tattoos would be somewhat deleterious, but not being able to find any work is hard. I was employed as a cleaning lady and I would be willing to do this again, but no one wants me. I go to interviews, but as soon as they see me, they change their minds," she said.

Sometimes, she accused her of not wanting to work, but she Melissa claimed that she would be prepared to start right away - if only someone would make her an offer. But, unfortunately, Melissa has not received any offers - due to her appearance.


Melissa could try to give up her obsession, but would it be fair for her to do so just to get work?

What do you think of all this? Do you agree with those who will not employ her, or would you give her a chance?

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