School requests mothers to dress "appropriately"…
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School requests mothers to dress "appropriately" when they pick up their children: a controversy breaks out

September 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

School is one of the most important institutions in every person's life. You enter as a child, when the world is still new to you, and you leave when you have a good education and are ready to follow your own path. There are various educational institutes around the world and each has its own teaching method and rules - not only for the pupils but, apparently, for parents as well.

Proof of this is the story we want to tell you about, which has as its focus, a sign posted by a Mexican school and addressed to the mothers (and which has aroused quite a bit of controversy). Let's find out what this note said:

A school in Coahuila, Mexico, has caused a lot of controversy with a sign it displayed at the entrance gate addressed to all the mothers of the students. "Attention, mothers. We ask you to pick up your children wearing appropriate clothes for this school. No short shorts, no miniskirts, no low-cut tops, no strappy tops or see-through clothing. Dress respectfully".

This very direct, blunt message caused a lot of controversy. When a photo of the sign got onto the web, quickly going viral, readers were divided between those who found the message to be acceptable, claiming that the school was defending good values and principles. Others, however, called it an unjustified limitation on peoples' personal freedom.

"Times are changing, but there are people who cannot adapt and post offensive signs like this one," wrote one reader; "Everyone has the right to dress as they want - you cannot dictate about the clothing choices of others," another reader says. Another reader said: "The mothers should sue the school for trying to limit their rights". In short, people's comments were not long in coming and many have condemned the school for posting this signage.

Is it right to expect women to present themselves in a certain way rather than another? And who decides what clothing is appropriate for a school environment? What are the criteria to be followed and who makes these rulings? So many questions, and everyone has their own opinions.

What do you think: do you agree with the school or are you of the opinion that wearing short shorts is not such a big deal?

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