Waitress bursts into tears after a customer…
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Waitress bursts into tears after a customer gave her a very generous tip: "I'll give the money to my mom"

September 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many people struggle in life. Economic problems are undoubtedly the most pressing issues and this is why many people have more than one job in order to survive. Those who work as a waiters rely heavily on tips from customers - extra money that, at the end of the day, makes up the bulk of their incomes. In some countries, where tipping is mandatory (like in the US), this is even more true. And this is why a waitress burst into tears when a customer left her a very generous tip.

It is not every day that one receives tips that exceed 10% and this is why the waitress - who is the subject of this story - was shocked when a very generous customer gave her much more than mandated. The client in question is a social media influencer who, after overcoming a difficult moment in her own life, decided to dedicate her time to helping those who need it most. Isaiah Garza lived on the street and was officially homeless, but now he has an Instagram channel with more than 570,000 followers. Isaiah asked the waitress how much he should tip her: "My question to you is, 'How much would you like your tip to be?'". The woman replied frankly: "Honestly, whatever you can afford."

Isaiah wanted the waitress to state a specific amount and, in the end, she said that $ 20 would make her happy. Isaiah, however, was not satisfied with this answer and prompted the woman to talk about the problems she had.

The waitress revealed that she had to pay a $ 50 phone bill and also had to buy a new air conditioner. Isaiah then surprised her with a very generous tip: $ 350 to pay for her expenses. "I really, really, really appreciate it," the waitress exclaimed emotionally. "This has never happened to me before," she said. The waitress later said that she would not use the money for herself, but she would give it all of her to her mother - who was struggling with her mortgage.

This was a true act of kindness and we would need more people to be like this, don't you think?


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