Teacher does give homework to her pupils…
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Teacher does give homework to her pupils because she considers it harmful: "The home is for family time"

September 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

School is a fundamental part of a child's life. It is the first place where a child not only learns to read, write, count and study subjects such as history and geography, but it is also the first place where they learn to become responsible by carrying out the tasks assigned by their teachers: these, however, are often the subject of controversy and debate between teachers and parents. For example, an elementary school teacher has provoked many reactions on social networks for the educational method she has decided to use with her students.

This teacher stated that she does not give any homework to her students, as she believes that "children should enjoy family time, in order to strengthen the bond with their parents and carry out other types of recreational activities that they have nothing to do with a school environment ".

This educator revealed that she once used to assign many tasks to her pupils, as she was convinced it was necessary. However, she completely changed her perspective when she became a mother. "After much reflection on my work and parenting, I realized that homework ends up being a heavy burden for the whole family," she commented. Her opinion was posted on her TikTok account and her video immediately went viral; some users expressed solidarity with her and supported her approach - but many others strongly disagreed.

For the many who have supported the teacher's educational method, homework takes up too much time and distracts from other activities. "Homework puts pressure on children and their families," commented one parent. "This should be the norm," added one supportive mom.

However, there are some teachers who have explained that the matter is not that simple: "I tried this method, but parents complained that their kids did not do their homework and started falling behind," wrote one teacher.

What do you think about this issue?

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