Management don't pay an employee overtime…
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Management don't pay an employee overtime and he takes a day off, leaving the company in the middle of an emergency

September 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Overtime at work is usually regulated by collective contracts and must be agreed in advance with an employer. In every company one has to follow a specific procedure to initiate overtime - although in everyday life, there are emergency situations in which overtime is required. A Reddit user outlined an episode at his job that happened in the 1990s.

via: Reddit

The man said that one day he found himself having to take on a huge amount of work, as 4 of his colleagues were absent at the same time. Despite the responsibility and the amount of work, the man managed to complete all the tasks in 9 hours, even skipping his lunch break. Since this was not a situation that happened regularly, the employee believed that the company would grant him an hour of paid overtime - but he was wrong: they informed him that they could not authorize the overtime, because it had not been formally requested by the company managers. Alternatively, they offered him a Friday off. The man gladly accepted this but, when Friday came, the company asked him to stay on, authorizing overtime, due to a business problem. The employee, however, refused the proposal, not wanting to give up his plans for that day. 

In short, he refused to work overtime since it was only authorized at the last minute. Fortunately, there were no repercussions for him - even if he did take off in the middle of an emergency at work. Do you think he behaved correctly? Write to us in the comments!

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