This father manages to save around £800 pounds on his electricity bill thanks to "smart sockets"

Mark Bennett

September 21, 2022

This father manages to save around £800 pounds on his electricity bill thanks to

Most people's homes these days are full of electrical appliances. Each room has its own set of appliances and these all contribute to raising the electricity bill. Given this, it is not surprising that we seek for ways to reduce this cost.

An English father seems to have found the ideal solution to do this. Thanks to intelligent plug sockets, which are capable of detecting the consumption of every electric item in the house, the man was able to save around £800 pounds in one year. Here is his story:

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Mark Thompson lives in Norwich, Cheshire and works in the energy industry. This, together with the need to reduce his power bill, drove his creativity. He bought a device that would allow him to carry out an investigation and determine how much power each appliance in his house consumed. What he used are intelligent sockets that are able to display the costs when an appliance is in use and when it is only connected.

In this way, Mark made some interesting discoveries. Between the TV, kettle, washing machine, dryer, fridges (and much more), Mark was spending a fortune on power. By tweaking his appliance useage, he was able to save around £800 pounds in one year. Spread over 12 months, this is not a very high number, but imagine what one could do with this money...

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"Now that I know how much they cost, I always tend to unplug the appliances I don't have to use. Smart sockets have a price, but I offset this expense with the annual savings I make", Mark said.

Not leaving appliances plugged in, however, is not the only way to spend less - one needs also pay attention to the energy class of each appliance. For example, older appliances consume more. Precautions like this have helped Mark to save a lot of money - and so could you.

Do you have your own power usage reduction plan?