At 28, this woman decides to have a…
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At 28, this woman decides to have a child even though she is single: "I don't want to share my baby with anyone"

September 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The decision to have a baby is not one of the easiest to make. You have to analyze your situation properly, understand if you are emotionally and also economically ready and, above all, if the person by your side is the right one or not - only then, can you take this path. But there are also cases of people who do not have a partner, yet do not want to wait to have a child. What can be done in these cases?

The subject of this story has found a solution that suits her, and now she has a beautiful little girl named Shy. Here is her story:

via: Mirror

Skylar is a young woman from New York who works as a beautician and has caused a lot of chatter about having decided to have a child, despite being single. As she herself posted to social media: "I promised myself that, with or without a partner, I would become a mother at 30. The waiting time, however, expired and at 27 years old, I began to wish with all my heart to become a parent. I didn't want to wait for the right man and I also didn't like the idea of ​​sharing a baby with another person. So I decided to opt for artificial insemination. Thanks to a donor and to a person who supported me throughout this journey, I managed to make my dream come true".

The woman has stated that she is not at all averse to having a relationship, should she meet the right person: but she did not want the lack of a partner to be an obstacle to her dreams. 

"When I took a pregnancy test for the first time and it was positive, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that the first try was successful, so I took 6 more tests to confirm that it was true. Finally, I accepted the tests were right and soon I would have a child to cuddle and love". 9 months later, little Shy was born.

In the early days, Skylar hid from many that she was pregnant, even from her mother. Her mother only learned of it by accident: one day a medical letter arrived at her house, but the mother opened it by mistake. Only then did she realize that she would become a grandmother.


The young woman said that many times she feels judged for her choice of having a baby alone, but said that the birth of her baby has made her the happiest person in the world. She says that she will never regret what she did and that Shy is the person she was looking for, and now she feels complete.

What do you think of her decision? Did she do well to follow her heart and fulfill her dream or should she have waited?

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