Employee goes on vacation but a problem…
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Employee goes on vacation but a problem arises that only he can solve: his boss sends the police to bring him back

September 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Raise your hand if, after a year of work, you do not eagerly anticipate the moment you can go on vacation. None or few would raise their hands. Most of us need a break to relax and get the energy necessary to face a new period of work. There are those who decide to take a week, some 10 days, some even for a month: the important factor is that vacationers are not disturbed by work.

This is something that the subject of this story also tried to do, but which did not work out. Let's find out why:

via: Reddit

The person in question is an employee in a company involved in the preparation of the company's pay slips. Since his holidays fell at the end of the month, the man took care to notify his boss and to train a subordinate to replace him in the job. Having done this, and made sure that there was nothing that could go wrong, the employee left. He also told his boss that he would not be contactable.

As he himself explained in a long post on Reddit, while on holiday, he was fishing with his children when he noticed something unusual. "I was with my children and suddenly I saw a police boat approaching. I didn't worry because I had a fishing permit, but they stopped next to us and asked me for my name. Then they said they were there on behalf of my company and that they had a private plane ready to pick me up to go and solve a problem."

The employee had no choice but to to leave his loved ones for a few days and return to the office. There was a problem that only he could solve and he had to fix something in 2 days (and which normally would take him a week). After he had solved the problem, his boss apologized to him. He had him flown back to the lake, gave him an extra week's holiday and assured him that a colleague would be properly trained to avoid situations like the one that had just passed from happening in the future.

How would you have behaved in the shoes of the boss: would you have acted like him or would you have tried an alternative solution?

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