Man finds the engagement ring that a…
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Man finds the engagement ring that a woman had lost many years ago: the 85-year-old can't hold back her emotions

September 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Each of us has an object to which they are particularly attached: perhaps because it signifies a specific event, a particular day, an unforgettable moment in one's life. And whether it is large or small, valuable or not, it does not matter: the fundamental thing is never to part with it. One of these objects is certainly one's engagement ring: a symbol of love and bond between two people who, even after getting married, continues to maintain its sentimental value.

There are cases, unfortunately, when these objects get lost and are never found again: we resign ourselves to the fact and cling on to memories. This is not the case with the woman we are about to tell you about here: she managed to find her lost ring many years later and thanks to a very special man. Let's find out what the story is:

via: News Week

Mrs Brown, from the United Kingdom, was in the spotlight for a find that involved her very closely and that thrilled the web. In a video that appeared on social media, a finder of lost objects, Smoggy Searcher, surprised the elderly lady with a precious heirloom she had lost: her engagement ring.

This was a total surprise for the woman, considering that she had not seen the ring for many years and she never expected to find it in her garden (and intact, to boot). In the clip, we see Mrs Brown looking out the front door and her man showing her the treasure he had found. Her reaction was so emotional that the treasure hunter couldn't hold back his own tears. A double show of emotion that united the two and made the images a truly touching moment.

Smoggy Searcher likes to go around looking for lost "treasures" with his metal detector and loves to help those in trouble. In this case, he was delighted to find such an precious ring and above all, to see so much joy in the eyes of this elderly lady. Smoggy Searcher is on a mission to make others happy - and all free of charge.

Our compliments to Smoggy Searcher for giving Mrs. Brown back her precious memories.


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