Man asks his girlfriend to pay €350…
She is 74 and he is 27: despite the age difference, they are in love and plan to get married

Man asks his girlfriend to pay €350 euros to stay at his family's cabin: an argument breaks out

August 31, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you are in a relationship it is good to understand what the rules are, which will vary depending on the partners involved. Financial issues tend to be the thorniest and, for this reason, these must be made clear from the start. A man explained on Reddit that he asked his girlfriend to pay a fee to stay at his family's holiday cabin. The man justified himself by saying that the money would be used for maintenance of the cabin and that everyone in the family paid the fee. The girlfriend, however, was furious and decided to go elsewhere for her holiday.

via: Reddit

If your partner asked you to pay to spend your holiday at their family's holiday home, would you agree to this? The girlfriend of the man in question refused to do so after he asked her to pay €350 euros to stay in his family's cabin. The man explained that this cabin belonged to his grandparents and every adult in the family spent one holiday each year in this place, paying their share, being €350 euros each. The man explained the reason for this request: "My grandparents own a big, old cabin where every generation has spent their annual holidays with their family. Due to the age of the cabin, there is constant maintenance to be done".

"This led my grandparents to implement a fee system," continued the man, "The rule is the following: every person, 20 years or older, must pay an annual fee to be able to stay in the cabin. The fee varies based on the number of people who intend to use the cabin and the maintenance expenses from the previous year".

Nobody in the family questions the rule, but asking the girlfriend to pay €350 euros, seemed outrageous to Reddit users, who lashed out at the man. The man had the best of intentions, as he wanted to introduce his girlfiend to his family and their rules. But this was not appreciated by the girlfriend; the two argued bitterly over the issue, until she told him that she would be planning her summer vacation without him.

The man's brother suggested that he pay his girlfriend's fee, because the rest of the family wanted to meet her - but the man remained firm in his convictions: "The rule is very simple and is absolutely fair for everyone. I do not understand the reason for an exemption. My brother told me I should pay the fee for her, as my extended family would really like to meet her, but I don't think it's fair for me to pay double the fee when she's capable of paying it herself".

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