"I'm tired of hearing that I'm worth…
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"I'm tired of hearing that I'm worth less just because I don't have children": a woman's lament

August 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There are couples and single people who would do anything to have a baby. A son or a daughter becomes the reason for living for many - so much so that they cannot understand those who do not want to have children. There are people who are unable to imagine themselves in the role of a parent and opt not to have kids. But there are also those who, even if they want kids, are unable to have them, and do not want to go through the ordeal of an adoption process.

Is it wrong not to want to have children? Sometimes, unfortunately, this is exactly the judgement that is cast against those who declare they do not want to have kids, but is this justified? For the woman we want to tell you about, there is nothing wrong with this choice and she has decided to let off steam on the web and share her beliefs. Here is her story:

via: Mumsnet

In a post on the Mumsnet community, the author explained how tired she is of being judged for her choice about not to have children. The woman writes: "It is absurd that, if a person has no children, she is not valued or respected. Once you reach a certain age, you are no longer considered worthy if you are single. What seems to count are only how many children you've given birth do. Is all this right? I am going through a very important phase of my life but no one bothers to asks me how I am - no one is interested in me".

It is probably true that many "non-parents" find themselves having to deal with this type of attitude. But is it right? For many people, they arrive at a point in their lives where they have to decide "which side to take": to have children or not. But this is a choice that can open one up to criticism, jokes and disparaging remarks that the people around one will make.

The author of the post wants to change this attitude. "Everyone should be kinder to those who have no children. It could be a personal choice or because of specific circumstances. The fact is that no one has the right to judge others without first asking about their back story. Parents, please stop thinking that those who do not have little ones in the home is not as worthy of respect, as you are."

This is a very strong message and has been commented on by numerous users. The advice for this woman who received was to surround herself with people more suited to her way of thinking. Finding new friends and forming relationships with those who are not only focused on children, could be a way to avoid all this negativity.

What do you think about this?

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