Nurse is criticized for her curvaceous body: "they accuse me of being inappropriate when I'm at work"

Mark Bennett

August 14, 2022

Nurse is criticized for her curvaceous body:

None of us choose the shape of our bodies. Of course, we can pay attention to our figures, go to the gym, follow a diet, but if you are tall, short, or have some other shape, we cannot change too much about our bodies, unless we decide to resort to surgery. And this is one thing that the subject of this story has not even thought about doing.

She has been criticized because her nurse's uniform - which she wears every day - supposedly hugs her physique too tightly and over-emphasizes her shape. She replied to her critics by stating that she will do nothing to change herself or her body. The reason or need for surgical intervention, she says, would be driven by health concerns and not public opinion.

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erikamdiaz/Tik Tok

Erika Diaz is a 22-year-old woman who shared her disappointment on the web for having received a lot of criticism from those who cannot "see" her performing in the role of a nurse. Why? Her body curves are "too excessive" and, according to these critics, her appearance is inappropriate in the workplace.

Is it right to criticize a person about their body and try to change them? The answer is, at least for the most part, a firm no. But there are those who disagree with this and argue that in some contexts, a certain etiquette, modesty and decorum are necessary. Erika, however, wanted to emphasize that the tight uniform she wears, was not her choice, but was provided by the hospital. It is an official uniform and she has to wear it to work. Notwithstanding this, my web users continued to criticize her.

"You could have taken an larger size and given yourself the chance to breathe properly," says one comment. Another said: "I am a school principal and I would never allow one of my employees to show up dressed like you. I don't want to see painted nails, or make-up, or tatooes". For others, it is simply unprofessional and inappropriate. These are all opinions to which Erika responded, arguing that her body is natural and definitely not fake (as someone suggested).

erikamdiaz/Tik Tok

"I have chosen to dedicate my life to improving the lives of others and I will certainly not be stopped by the opinions of others. For me, these critics are totally irrelevant".

This is an answer that silenced all her "opponents" and which many of the woman's supports have found themselves agreeing with. There were those who, in fact, took up her defense and responded by debunking these cruel criticisms and comments .

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