Menstrual pain simulator shows men what it feels like to have period cramps once a month -
Menstrual pain simulator shows men what…
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Menstrual pain simulator shows men what it feels like to have period cramps once a month

August 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Every woman knows that at least once a month she will have to deal with her menstrual cycle and with all the symptoms that accompany it. On these days, every woman knows that she will most likely face abdominal cramps, lower back pain, increased fatigue and irritability due to mood swings. In short, although it is a natural process, having a period is not exactly a walk in the park. In this regard, an entrepreneur from Vancouver (Canada), Lux Perry, decided to allow men to experience what menstrual pain really feels like. At the end of the experiment, the following questions are posed: "Would you go to work if you had these pains?" and also "Does it seem natural to you to have a period?". And guess what the men's answers are ...

The impact of havng a menstrual cycle is a widely debated topic these days, but perhaps not enough attention is paid to it, since men cannot really understand how a woman feels during the time she is menstruating. However, thanks to a device that simulates cramps at various levels of intensity, it has ben possible to conduct a useful experiment. This experiment had several "brave" men voluntarily undergo what they subsequently described as "torture".

On TikTok, the "Somedays" channel - a company that sells period pain painkillers - has published a series of videos in which several men undergo the simulation experiment. The clips range from amusing to ironic.

Despite the obvious irony, all these men soon realized how painful and difficult it is to managed when experiencing menstrual pain - especially with the strongest of the men. A device is used to simulate the cramps, and it allows the controller to set various levels of intensity; level 5, for example, is considered to be the "base / lowest" level of pain for the cramps: every woman experiences this type of pain every month. Of course, the level can increase to 10, simulating a type of pain one experiences when suffering from endometriosis.


In one video, in particular, a mixed-sex couple undergoes muscle stimulation, but the man's reactions are decidedly different from those of the girl: she is impassive and calm - even when the level of pain increases - while he begins to feel a lot of pain from just level 6. Of course, this is only a simulation but it makes very clear what levels of pain a woman has to endure for a few days every month. And she has to go through this, without being able to change her routines so that she can deal with this. Since a period is not a disease, women are still forced to go to work or to carry out any other business they have - it does not matter if the pains they are suffering are crippling. When will this kind of thinking change?

What do you think about this matter?

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