Couple goes to a luxury restaurant but…
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Couple goes to a luxury restaurant but don't clear their plates: the woman puts the leftovers in a container she had brought from home

August 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having food is always a blessing and should never be wasted - which is why more and more restaurants around the world offer to prepare a "doggy bag" for those who cannot finish their meals. A doggy bag is typically a cardboard box filled with the leftovers from a meal that has been eaten (but not finished) in a restaurant. In this way, you can finish off these dishes by warming up the leftovers later at home for lunch or dinner the following day. There is nothing wrong with doing this - it is ecologically sound and financially wise.

A shrewd young woman from Lima, Peru knows this very well. Here is her story:

A video clip was shared on TikTok by user Faby Cruzado. According to the explanation of the video, the young woman was in a luxury restaurant to celebrate her birthday: the occassion had been organized by her boyfriend. "Here's what happens when you take her to an expensive restaurant": this is what the caption to the video reads. The couple enjoyed their dinners, but it seems the servings was too big for them, as they couldn't finish eating everything on their plates.

The weird thing is that the young woman already had in her mind what she was going to do, because in the video, she shows us a mischievous and unabashed expression on her face. The clip, which is only 11 seconds long, shows the young woman who, without missing a beat, takes a tupperware container out of her handbag that she had brought from home and fills it with the leftovers. After realizing she's been caught on her cell phone, she smiles mischievously at the camera.

The video immediately went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and applause from viewers. "This girl is my mom's rival!" one viewer commented ironically."A round of applause for this woman for two reasons: first of all because you take care of the environment by not using a plastic bag and secondly, because the food was not wasted," wrote another.

Others advised the boyfriend not to let this woman go: "She is the one. She will take care of the household," observed a viewer.

And what do you think of this? Would you ever do such a thing? Or would you just ask the waiter for a doggy bag?

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