Man's brother never comes to family gatherings: "My sister-in-law wants to keep him away from us"

Mark Bennett

January 12, 2023

Man's brother never comes to family gatherings:

Family is important, as are friends and - of course - the partner you choose to be with. These are fundamental bonds in a person's life and all are equally important - unless, of course, if there is bad blood between some individuals . It's not always easy to deal with issues like this, especially if there are some who issue ultimatums.

So, what can be done in these cases? This is exactly the question that the subject of this story asked himself. He believes that his brother's relationship with his family is not healthy and that this is distancing him from everyone.

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The man - we will call him Tom - turned to the web to ask for advice and also gave a little "background" to the story: "My brother's girlfriend and my wife had an argument 4 years ago. Danielle, the girlfriend my brother, Jack, tends to hold grudges and to cut people out of her life when she is not happy with them. The argument involved my brother's best friend, Henry, who told Jack that Danielle was trying to isolate him from the rest of us," Tom explained. Danielle didn't like this and she was jealous of the closeness between Henry and Jack as she thought that he was trying to get them to break up.

"Danielle told my wife not to invite Henry to barbecues, parties and other family events anymore. My wife flatly refused, because Henry is a friend of the family and a fight broke out. After the fight, my wife apologized several times to Danielle saying she had overreacted. But Danielle did not accept her apology and, in doing so, made my brother choose a side. To avoid Danielle breaking up with him, Jack chose her side," Tom explained.

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From that moment, for every family gathering, Jack always found an excuse not to attend. Finally, Tom got the truth from his brother. Tom recounted what Jack said: "Danielle is still mad at my wife and my brother can't go anywhere without her. My parents tried to talk to my brother by himself, but Danielle wouldn't allow this," Tom explained. "My parents were upset and confused. My parents say I was wrong to force Jack to tell me the truth, as this could make healing the rift even harder," said Tom, turning the the web for advice.

Most users came out in support of Tom, stating that Jack is stuck in a toxic relationship. Thanks to the advice he received, Tom has decided to talk about this problem with his family and to support his brother: "I will invite him to our place every week and I will not leave him alone. I hope that my insistence will bear fruit and that he comes to visit me - own his own".

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