At a cinema with his pregnant wife, a husband buys an extra, empty seat to make her feel more comfortable: an argument breaks out -
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At a cinema with his pregnant wife,…
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At a cinema with his pregnant wife, a husband buys an extra, empty seat to make her feel more comfortable: an argument breaks out

July 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Unfortunately the world is full of rude people: every day we have to deal with the ignorance of those who think they are entitled to more privileges than the rest of us. In such a world, honesty and what is "right" seems to have taken a back seat, and more weight is given to personal convenience. A man told his story on Reddit about an unpleasant experience he had with his wife, shortly before the start of a movie at a cinema. The couple had gone to see a movie and had taken all the necessary precautions to protect themselves from Covid in this crowded venue. The husband, whose wife was pregnant, had also taken the precaution of buying extra tickets to prevent anyone from sitting next to his wife. But things got difficult when a group of kids decided not to follow the rules.

via: Reddit

The man posted to Reddit that he is a huge fan of Marvel movies and, although being indoors there is always the risk of catching Covid (and his wife was in the seventh month of her pregnancy), he decided to try to make going to the cinema as comfortable and safe as possible for both of them. Fortunately, the cinema chosen by the couple made it possible to book specific seats at the kiosk. The man described the situation: "My wife is 7 and a half months pregnant and was reluctant to go to the cinema to see such a popular movie during the Covid pandemic, but we both really love Marvel movies, so I tried to put her at ease. We went on purpose during the week, to avoid the weekend crowds. When I booked the tickets I saw that someone had already taken a seat next to ours, so I bought a third seat on the other side to give to my wife a little room to breath".

The problem started when someone - a young man - sat next to his wife, without saying a word. Initially, the man thought that the youth had made a mistake, and very politely, he pointed this out to him. However, the youth replied that if the man was waiting for someone and he was saving the seat, he would get up when this person arrived - but not beforehand.

"I explained that my wife is pregnant and didn't want anyone to sit next to her without a mask, so we bought the extra seat to make some personal space," the man explained in his post. The youth, however, was very annoyed by this response and told the man that he had no right to reserve an empty seat and to block others from using it. The youth was highly irritated and said that if he had to move, he would not be able to see the screen properly. "The screen is 24 meters wide," the man replied, "you can see it well enough from anywhere in this theatre." The youth's friends joined him in moaning at us, but in the end, they changed seats, leaving ours free."

Who is right in your opinion? Reddit users had no doubts about this and supported the author of the post.

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